Music 154:
Introduction to Computer and Electronic Music

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A survey of the use of electronic and computer resources for musical creativity in the 20th-century. Students will familiarize themselves with works from the repertoire, and will be the first to be able to take advantage of the recently completed International Digital Electroacoustical Music Archive (IDEAMA), which has been partly compiled at CCRMA.
Various listening assignments will be throughout the course in which students will write about and/or make graphs of compositions. The course assumes no special knowledge of music or technology, and various important theoretical concepts will be explained along the way.

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Lecture Notes

The lecture notes contained in these pages are generally taken by your humble TA, Nicky Hind. They seem likely to be compiled on a fairly ad hoc basis while I'm sitting in class. They are niether complete (in that they will not contain all of the material discussed in class), nor are they guaranteed to be 100% accurate. They are intended to be an aid for students, but cannot be wholly relied upon - in other words, students are ultimately responsible for taking their own notes and/or asking questions about any aspects which they may not understand.