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Administrative Information

Term: Autumn 1999

Meeting Time: Tuesday/Thursday 1:15-2:45 PM in the CCRMA Ballroom at the Knoll

Units: 3

Homework: Weekly required assignments and reading. Homework will sometimes include a lab experiment/study

Exams: Midterm and Final

Projects: A final class project is required. Students are encouraged to choose "hands-on" types of projects, such as building a new musical instrument, conducting a perceptual experiment with subjects, or creating a physical-model based computer simulation. Alternatively, a musical acoustics literature review on a specific subject can be conducted. In either case, a written report must be submitted by the end of the last week of classes. The report for the literature review, however, should be significantly larger and more in-depth than that for the "experimental" studies. A written one-page proposal is required by the third week of the quarter.

Grading: The grading is based on the homework/labs (35%), exams (midterm - 15%, final - 25%), and final project (25%)

Office Hours: By appointment (send email to to schedule a time)

Computer Usage: Some lab exercises will be computer based. All students must obtain a computer account at CCRMA in order to use the computer facilities.

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