M149: Instrumental Music with Electronics

Instructors: Jonathan Harvey, Juan Pampin

The link between the "traditional" evolution of instrumental, orchestral, and vocal music and the revolutionary world of the electronic studio occurs in works where the two are combined. Focus is on such linking works, from Stockhausen's contributions to the products of IRCAM, and works lately composed at CCRMA

This class is divided into lectures and labs. During lectures, Jonathan Harvey will address aesthetic and musical aspects of the selected pieces, going through a detailed analysis of them, with emphasis on the interaction between instruments and electronics. During lab sessions, Juan Pampin will discuss the electronic techniques used in the compositions. Students will gain hands-on experience on the presented sound synthesis and processing techniques working on computer-based examples and projects. Labs will take place at CCRMA, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.


M149 is a 3-unit course for graduate students and upper-class undergraduates. Previous experience with Contemporary Music analysis and Electronic Music is recommended.

Schedule of Classes

All meetings take place on Mondays and Fridays from 4:15 to 5:45 pm in Room 106, Braun Music Center.
Labs will meet at CCRMA on the indicted days (mostly fridays at the same time slot).

NOTE: This is a tentative schedule subject to changes.

Class Day Topic
1 Sep 25 Introduction
Kontakte (1), K. Stockhausen
2 Sep 28 Kontakte (2), K. Stockhausen
3 Oct 2 Lab 1 (at CCRMA)
4 Oct 5 Kontakte (3), K. Stockhausen
5 Oct 9 Lab 2 (at CCRMA)
6 Oct 12 Kontakte (3), K. Stockhausen
7 Oct 16 Lab 3 (at CCRMA)
8 Oct 19 Kontakte (4), K. Stockhausen
9 Oct 23 Kontakte (5), K. Stockhausen
10 Oct 26 Kontakte (6), K. Stockhausen
11 Oct 30 Mantra (1), K. Stockhausen
12 Nov 2 Mantra(2), Mixtur, K. Stockhausen
13 Nov 6 Lab 4 (at CCRMA)
14 Nov 9 Desintegrations(1), T. Murail
15 Nov 13 Hugh Livingston, Cello Pieces
(at CCRMA) Lead Plates of the Rom Press, Jonathan Berger
16 Nov 16 Desintegrations(2), T. Murail
17 Nov 20 Lab 6 (at CCRMA)
18 Nov 23 Metal Hurlant, J. Pampin
19 Nov 27 Lab 7 (at CCRMA)
20 Nov 30 Ashes Dance Back, J. Harvey
21 Dec 4 Lab 8 (final Session)
(at CCRMA)



Stockhausen, Karlheinz, Kontakte (1966) [M342 .S86K8 F]
Stockhausen, Karlheinz, Mantra (1970) [M214 .S864 M2]
Stockhausen, Karlheinz, Mixtur (1968) [M1045 .S86 M6]
Murail, Tristan, Desintegrations (1990) [M985 .M972 D4 1990 F]


Kontakte [MCD 4698]
Mixtur [MCD 4700]
Mantra [MCD 4204]

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