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Change Log for 2001

  1. 11/05/2001 [nando]: new version of the snd rpms (5.4-1)

  2. 10/17/2001 [nando]: upgraded pd to 0.34-2, recompiled ggee externals to match pd (had to erase hslider as it conflicts with pd's hslider)

  3. 10/09/2001 [nando]: added hyperspec common lisp documentation package. Added cltl2 package, html version of ``Common Lisp, The Language'' by Steel.

  4. 10/04/2001 [nando]: upgraded alsa packages to CVS-220011002-12.17.40 US Pacific Time (version 0.9.0-18).

  5. 10/01/2001 [nando]: new version of the snd rpms (5.3-1), changed the naming scheme (same as the cm/clm/cmn world), spec file build options can be controlled through the environment, packages available for oss, alsa 0.5 and alsa 0.9.

  6. 09/28/2001 [nando]: added the ceres3 spectral editor, version 0.26r3. Updated ecasound to 2.0.3.

  7. 09/27/2001 [nando]: new version of the snd rpms (5.2-2), the page now includes rpms that support alsa 0.5 and oss only installations.

  8. 09/27/2001 [nando]: new version of the cm/clm/cmn packages (1.0-6), now includes full support under cmucl (thanks to Rick for re-porting cm to cmucl). New naming conventions for the packages (easier to install and upgrade). Various fixes to the rpms, see the spec file for details. Added cm/clm/cmn packages for the ALSA 0.5 sound drivers (in addition to ALSA 0.9 and OSS)

  9. 09/19/2001 [nando]: added timidity++, timidity-tools and the eawspats sound font for timidity

  10. 09/18/2001 [nando]: added Ogg Vorbis and xmms with Ogg Vorbis support.

  11. 09/17/2001 [nando]: upgraded alsa packages to CVS-20010917-12.43.54 US Pacific Time (version 0.9.0-17). Many changes:
    Split the alsa-driver package into two packages, the binary driver files (alsa-driver-KERNEL_VERSION) and the driver header files (alsa-driver-headers). This change makes it possible to have alsa binary drivers installed for several kernels without conflicts.
    added /usr/include/alsa, fixed dependencies
    fixed the location of the man pages, fixed dependencies
    enabled build of seq/sbiload and sb_16_csp, fixed dependencies

  12. 09/14/2001 [nando]: new version of lisp packages (1.0-4), added cmucl oss only packages, fixed wrong alsa dependency in oss packages, added saved-*.c generated files to the clisp clm files in the /usr/lib/lisp/src/clm directory.

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