slime-clisp: Slime binaries for Clisp

Name:slime-clisp Vendor:Planet CCRMA
Version:1.2.1 License:GPL
Release:2.3.cvs.rhfc4.ccrma URL:
Slime binaries for Clisp

Arch: i386

Build Date:Mon Dec 19 11:54:25 2005
Packager:Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Size:2.02 MiB


* Sat Dec 17 14:00:00 2005 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> 1.2.1-2.3.cvs
- changed communication style of threaded sbcl to sigio, otherwise there
  are problems with the realtime scheduler in common music (kills lisp if
  run), sigio appears to work fine.
* Wed Dec 14 14:00:00 2005 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> 1.2.1-2.2.cvs
- cvs snapshot dated 2005.12.14
  to download cvs:
  cvs login
  cvs checkout slime
* Sat Dec 10 14:00:00 2005 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> 1.2.1-2.1.cvs
- rebuilt for sbcl 0.9.7 and cmucl 2005.12

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