pd-boids: 2D and 3D boids flocking algorithm

Name:pd-boids Vendor:Planet CCRMA
Version:0.39.2 License:GPL
Release:0.1.cvs.06.09.07.rhfc4.ccrma URL:
Boids is a bird flight and animal flock simulator. It is based on the same algorithm which was used in Jurassic Park for the herding dinosaurs. See: /usr/lib/pd/doc/manuals/READMEs/boids.txt Start pd with "-lib boids"

Arch: i386

Build Date:Thu Sep 28 13:20:50 2006
Packager:Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Size:142 KiB


* Thu Sep 28 15:00:00 2006 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- remove all CVS directories
- tried to add better summaries and descriptions to all external
  collection subpackages, some light testing (adding required
  libraries for proper startup) - only done through pd-hardware...
* Wed Sep 27 15:00:00 2006 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- disable ARB opengl extensions on gem for fc4 (patch2 and --disable-ARB
  on configuration step). See:
- create pd-unauthorized-mp3 package with all mp3 related stuff
- segregate mp3, pdp and Gem into separate pd-extended-extra meta
* Tue Sep 26 15:00:00 2006 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- added Epochs to pd-gem, pd-iemlib, pd-zexy, pd-fftease, pd-fluid
  and pd-syncgrain as they had versions before that were greater
  than the pd-extended version number (also added the epoch to the
  requirements of pd-extended)
- missing externals (from previous versions of Planet CCRMA):
  pd-percolate: port to pd stopped and no longer available
  (possibly now available as part of ggee, see:
- readd extra include files to /usr/lib/pd/include
- add links from /usr/lib/pd/extra to all .pd and .pd_linux files
  that live in subdirectories of /usr/lib/pd/extra/, otherwise
  we need one path for each external collection

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