mftrace: Generates scalable fonts for TeX

Name:mftrace Vendor:Planet CCRMA
Version:1.1.6 License:GPL
Release:1.rhfc4.ccrma URL:
mftrace is a small Python program that lets you trace a TeX bitmap font into a PFA or PFB font (A PostScript Type1 Scalable Font) or TTF (TrueType) font. It is licensed under the GNU GPL. Scalable fonts offer many advantages over bitmaps, as they allow documents to render correctly at many printer resolutions. Moreover, Ghostscript can generate much better PDF, if given scalable PostScript fonts.

Arch: i386

Build Date:Tue Jun 21 12:37:24 2005
Packager:Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Size:52 KiB


* Tue Mar 22 14:00:00 2005 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> 1.1.6-1
- updated to 1.1.6
* Sat Dec 25 14:00:00 2004 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- spec file cleanup
* Thu Nov 4 14:00:00 2004 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> 1.0.34-1
- updated to 1.0.34

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