qamix - Configurable mixer for ALSA

QAMix is a configurable mixer for ALSA. The interface is created while
the application parses an XML file. The GUI description depends on the
soundcard. Therefore QAMix derives the filename from the ALSA driver
name.  It first searches for the GUI description in the directory
.qamix in your home directory. If no card specific file exists, QAMix
looks for "default.xml" in the same directory. If this does not exist
either, the directory /usr/share/qamix (specified as QAMIX_SHARE_DIR
in mixer.h) is searched. You can provide a filename for the GUI
description with the -g parameter. The soundcard device you would like
to control is provided with the -c parameter. The default device is
License:GPL Group:Applications/Multimedia
URL: Source: qamix


Name Version Release Type Size Built
qamix 0.0.7e 3.fc23.ccrma i686 195 KiB Mon Nov 9 14:46:54 2015


* Wed May 19 05:00:00 2010 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- add -lstdc++ for fc13/gcc4.4.4
* Tue May 13 05:00:00 2008 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- changed build requirement to qt3 in f9
* Tue Dec 12 04:00:00 2006 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> 0.0.7e-3
- use separate desktop file, build for fc6

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