pd-fftease - A set of Live Spectral Processors for Pd

FFTease is a collection of Pd objects implementing various forms of
spectral sound processing. These include an additive-synthesis phase
vocoder, noise reduction, cross synthesis, and more unusual forms of
spectral processing.
Start pd with "-lib fftease"
License:GPL Group:Applications/Multimedia
URL:h Source: pd-fftease


Name Version Release Type Size Built
pd-fftease 0.0.0 0.1.svn7517.fc12.ccrma i686 989 KiB Wed Nov 25 11:29:11 2009


* Tue Jul 21 05:00:00 2009 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> -
- initial build, used to be part of pd-extended, has to have epoch
  2 to override existing package
- I can't seem to find an up to date version of Thomas Grill's port
  of fftease to pd, instead we get the original sources with no build
  system attached. The last version in pd-extended was part of 0.40.3
  so we use that for now. Check the -get-svn script for details. This
  is the url used:

svn co

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