pd-vasp - Non-realtime array-based audio data processing for Pd

VASP is a package for PD or Max/MSP consisting of a number of
externals extending these systems with functions for non-realtime
array-based audio data processing. VASP is capable of working in the
background, therefore not influencing eventual dsp signal processing.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Multimedia
URL: Source: pd-vasp


Name Version Release Type Size Built
pd-vasp 0.1.4 0.1.svn3681.fc11.ccrma i586 999 KiB Tue Aug 11 11:21:03 2009


* Wed Jul 22 05:00:00 2009 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu>
- need to add an epoch (previous version was 0.39.x in pd-extended)
* Wed Jul 15 05:00:00 2009 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando{%}ccrma{*}stanford{*}edu> - 0.1.4pre
- initial build, used to be part of pd-extended

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