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libsigsegv - Library for handling page faults in user mode

This is a library for handling page faults in user mode. A page fault
occurs when a program tries to access to a region of memory that is
currently not available. Catching and handling a page fault is a useful
technique for implementing:
  - pageable virtual memory
  - memory-mapped access to persistent databases
  - generational garbage collectors
  - stack overflow handlers
  - distributed shared memory
License:GPLv2+ Group:System Environment/Libraries
URL: Source: libsigsegv


Name Version Release Type Size Built
libsigsegv 2.4 4.el5.ccrma x86_64 33 KiB Fri Jul 11 05:25:50 2008


* Wed Aug 22 15:00:00 2007 Rex Dieter <rdieter[AT]> 2.4-4
- respin (ppc32)
* Sat Aug 11 15:00:00 2007 Rex Dieter <rdieter[AT]> 2.4-3
- License: GPLv2+
* Tue Aug 29 15:00:00 2006 Rex Dieter <rexdieter[AT]> 2.4-2
- fc6 respin

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