tse3 (3)


       tse3 - Trax Sequencer Engine library version 3.0


       #include files from tse3/*.h.


       The  TSE3 library is a powerful third generation sequencer engine writ-
       ten in C++. It is a 'sequencer engine' because it provides  the  actual
       driving  force  elements  of  a sequencer but provides no form of fancy
       interface. Sequencer applications or multimedia  presentation  packages
       will  incorporate  the  TSE3  libraries  to  provide  a  user with MIDI
       sequencing facilities.

       TSE3 is a mature library based on a lot of experience. Whilst not  pro-
       viding  the  user  interface,  it provides a lot of assistance to a UI.
       TSE3 is supplied with a suite of utilities that act on songs (or  parts
       of  a  song)  as  well  as common application support services (such as
       undo/redoable commands).

       TSE3 uses an advanced, acclaimed 'object-oriented' song  structure  and
       incorporates  functionality  including  a  mixing  desk, real time song
       alteration, song file save/load (both standard MIDI files  and  propri-
       etary format) and so on.

       For  more documentation on the TSE3 library look in the 'doc' directory
       in the source distribution package.


       Naturally, TSE3 is completely bug free. However, if you do  find  some-
       thing  goes  wrong  then  contact  the  author. The program can only be
       improved with your feedback.


       Copyright (c) 2000,2001 Pete Goodliffe. See the  license  file  in  the
       TSE3 doc diirectory for a complete license statement.


       Pete Goodliffe <pete@cthree.org>

       Trax Software 2001

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