strip (1)


       strip - Discard symbols from object files.


       strip [-F bfdname |--target=bfdname ]
             [-I bfdname |--input-target=bfdname ]
             [-O bfdname |--output-target=bfdname ]
             [-s|--strip-all] [-S|-g|-d|--strip-debug]
             [-K symbolname |--keep-symbol=symbolname ]
             [-N symbolname |--strip-symbol=symbolname ]
             [-x|--discard-all ] [-X |--discard-locals]
             [-R sectionname |--remove-section=sectionname ]
             [-o file ] [-p|--preserve-dates]
             [-v |--verbose]  [-V|--version] [--help]


       GNU  strip discards all symbols from object files objfile.  The list of
       object files may include archives.  At least one object  file  must  be

       strip  modifies  the  files  named in its argument, rather than writing
       modified copies under different names.


       -F bfdname
           Treat the original objfile as a file with the  object  code  format
           bfdname, and rewrite it in the same format.

           Show a summary of the options to strip and exit.

       -I bfdname
           Treat  the  original  objfile as a file with the object code format

       -O bfdname
           Replace objfile with a file in the output format bfdname.

       -R sectionname
           Remove any section named sectionname from the  output  file.   This
           option  may  be  given more than once.  Note that using this option
           inappropriately may make the output file unusable.

           Remove all symbols.

           be given more than once.

       -N symbolname
           Remove  symbol  symbolname from the source file. This option may be
           given more than once, and may be combined with strip options  other
           than -K.

       -o file
           Put the stripped output in file, rather than replacing the existing
           file.  When this argument is used, only one objfile argument may be

           Preserve the access and modification dates of the file.

           Remove non-global symbols.

           Remove compiler-generated local symbols.  (These usually start with
           L or ..)

           Show the version number for strip.

           Verbose output: list all object files modified.   In  the  case  of
           archives, strip -v lists all members of the archive.


       the Info entries for binutils.


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       Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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