smil2yuv (1)


       smil2yuv - Convert a Raw DV stream to Raw YUV.


       smil2yuv [ options ] file ...


       smil2yuv  converts a Kino smil project or compatible media content into
       the simple uncompressed planar 4:2:0 Y'CbCr  format,  as  used  by  the
       MJPEG Tools.


       -a audio-out-file
              Output to an audio file in parallel. Type is based on the exten-
              sion and currently only wav and mp2 are provided. If you wish to
              have  more  control over the mp2 file generated, export to a wav
              first and then convert the wav as required.

       -i type
              Deinterlacing type - 0 is none, 1 provides very poor deinterlac-
              ing (default: 0).  2 results in no interlacing, but a 4:1:1 sub-
              sampled stream (native  NTSC  DV)  which  can  be  processed  by
              y4mscaler.  More types will be supported in the future.

       -o offset
              Output starts at the given frame offset (default: 0).

       -f count
              Output  only  contains  the  number of frames specified by count
              (default: all).

       -s speed
              Specify  the  speed of reading the smil  input  -  any  floating
              point  number  >  0 is  applicable.  So  to halve  the  playback
              rate, specify a speed of 2, to double it,  specify  a  speed  of

       Help Options

       --help Show help message.


       To convert a mixture of raw dv, smil and avis of 48khz audio to divx:

       smil2yuv raw.dv project.smil type1.avi type2.avi -a temp.wav -i 1 |
       yuv2divx -o output.avi -A temp.wav -a 128
       rm temp.wav

       Or to play the stream via yuvplay:

       smil2yuv input | yuvplay

       Or to encode to VCD:

       smil2yuv file.dv -i 1 -a test.mp2 |
       * Deinterlacing produces pretty noisy/large files - planning to provide
       better deinterlacing techniques through use of the tvtime deinterlacing




       See for the latest version.


       smil2yuv was written by Charles Yates <>.

                                 November 2002                     smil2yuv(1)