ecalength (1)


       ecalength - prints audio file lenght and other information


       ecalength [-ahtsfmbcr] FILE1 [FILE2] [FILEn]


       This  is ecalength, a few lines of code pompously named so because they
       let one retrieve the length of an audio  file  from  the  command  line
       using ecasoundīs engine.


              -  With  files without header information (raw files), ecalength
              will only work correctly if the audio file is at a sampling rate
              of 44100 hz.  (Addressed with the -a switch.)

              -  It  is not foolproof, feeding it with something other than an
              audio file WILL result in ugly things being spewed back.  (A bit

              - A thousand more that I havenīt thought of.


       -h     Prints this usage message.  (help)

              Changes  the  format  assumed  by  default  for headerless data.

       -t     Prints the summed length of all the  files  processed.   (total)
              (Ignored if with -s)

       -s     Enables script mode: One info type per file per line.   (script)
              (Defaults to length in secs.)

       -f     With -s will return the format string as info, alone it will add
              it to the main display.  (format)

       -b     If  -s and -f are enabled with this the info printed will be the
              sampleīs bitwidth.  (bits)

       -c     If -s and -f are enabled with this the info printed will be  the
              channel count.  (channel count)

       ecasound(1), ecatools(1)


       S.Massy, <>

                                  06.10.2001                      ecalength(1)