alsaplayer (1)


       alsaplayer - plays various sound files


       alsaplayer [options] [ filename ...]


       This manual page documents briefly the alsaplayer command.  This manual
       page was written for the  Debian  GNU/Linux  distribution  because  the
       original program does not have a manual page.

       alsaplayer  is a generic music player that can play back a large amount
       of file formats.


       These programs follow the usual GNU  command  line  syntax,  with  long
       options  starting  with  two  dashes  (`-').   A  summary of options is
       included below.

       -d, --device string
              Select card and device for  the  alsa  plugin  [default=hw:0,0];
              select  device  file for the oss plugin (you must enter the full
              path to the device here) [default=/dev/dsp].

       -f, --fragsize #
              Set fragment size in bytes [default=4096].

       -e, --enqueue file(s)
              Enqueue file(s) in a running alsaplayer.

       -F, --frequency #
              Set the output frequency [default=44100].

       -g, --fragcount #
              Fragment count [default=8].

       -h, --help
              Print this help message.

       -i, --interface <interface>
              Load <interface> instead of default one

       -l, --volume #
              Set software volume [0-100].

       -n, --session #
              Select session # [default=0]

       -p, --path [path]
              Print/set the path alsaplayer looks for add-ons.

       -q, --quiet
              Quiet operation, no output.

       -r, --realtime
              Print  copyright  info  and plugins which are used amongst other

       -o, --output [alsa|jack|oss|nas|sgi|sparc]
              Use ALSA, JACK, OSS, NAS, SGI or Sparc driver for output


       mikmod(1), mpg123(1).


       This manual page was written by Ivo  Timmermans  <>,  for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                  9 May 2001                     alsaplayer(1)